Mediawest is officially recognized as provider / maintainer by the Italian Registration Authority. Mediawest directly manages practices with the Authority in all matters dealing with the registration of domains and their management (maintainer change, transfers, legal practices, etc.).
Priority of Mediawest is to guarantee the presence of your Internet business 24 hours a day, 7 days a week (24×7).

Our goal is to provide excellent but competitively priced hosting solutions. We are always more competitive suppliers in the web hosting, thanks to our constantly updated packages (.NET,  Php), sophisticated administrative tools (Plesk, MailEnable), dedicated fast lines and powerful servers used to satisfy your most demanding applications.
Our (mw) plans are hosted on Windows 2012 and Ubuntu Linux 16 platforms. The uptime of sites hosted in our server farm at Mix in Milan, on statistical basis since the beginning of 2002, amounts to 99.9%. The remaining time is used for maintenance and upgrading.