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Mediawest was founded in March 2002 by its founders after decades of experience in the advertising sector and in a few years has become one of the Northwest leaders on Internet Consulting thanks to agency agreements and exchanges with best Milan companies and efficiency and creativity of its offices in Turin and Savona.

The core business consists in Marketing and Project Management in advertising and technology in Tourism sector; the activity is focused on the creation of ad-hoc-projects on marketing and communication. In particular we add value to first part of projects (strategic marketing) and to the final one (interaction and communication); with its solutions Mediawest supports the customer throughout all the evolution of “communication system”. All this in a partnership that guarantees measurable results in appropriate times.

Mediawest team works consist in different professions: business consultants, communications experts, programmers, designers and analysts in order to successfully deal with all phases of a communication project that can create real benefits to companies that go beyond simple “corporate showcase.”

Here a complete service for the client, who obtains solutions specifically designed taking into account company mission, profile, targets and distribution peculiarities.