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The consulting model proposed by Mediawest supports the customer in the most important decisions to guide the company choices to improve marketing strategies, communication and branding of services and products, increase margins, profits, sales and open new areas of market.

We make an analysis of current business situation, considering development strategies in the medium term, providing potential scenarios and future developments, quantifying the possible business growth, the potential savings and monitoring the business risk.

The work is divided essentially into five main areas:

  • Company model analysis
  • Analysis of the market and competitors
  • Consulting for developing marketing strategies
  • Development of marketing concepts and construction of communication strategies
  • Periodic Report: analysis and report of campaign and results tracking

Mediawest for over 15 years has been dealing with planning advertising media, from local press to national network, a presence that has consolidated close ties of cooperation with major advertising and press headings. A know-how and an effective and tested method that we provide our customers to obtain maximum results.