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Mobile (first) Websites

Mediawest designs and realizes mobile (first) websites keeping in mind some technical specifications that make perfectly usable all their functionalities.

Public Administrations

Mediawest develops platforms for content management (CMS) available for Public Administrations and companies that need to:

  • Make accessible websites
  • Manage independently websites, Intranet and portals
  • Integrate databases and web applications
  • Activate accessible E-Government solutions

According to the definition given in the first paragraph in Article 2 of Italian Law Stanca 04/2004, Accessibility is:
the ability of computer systems, in the manner and within the limits permitted by technological knowledge, to provide services and useful information without discrimination, even from those who because of disability requiring assistance technologies and particular configurations;

Public Administrations are obliged by Law 04/2004 to adapt their sites according to accessibility requirements.
Private companies and associations are not obliged to do so but they have the opportunity, following guidelines, to create sites usable by all (thus increasing potential customers) and more understandable.
A well-designed accessible site is generally more efficient, can better communicate and to a wider audience, compared to a traditional site.

Webcam and weather data – Video surveillance

Mediawest helps you alongside throughout the installation process, from the choice of webcam and weather station that best suit your needs, to assembly and link up the maintenance, monitoring and meteorological data collection then published automatically on your site.

Future Communication – SMS / Voice Services

Even if you are out of the office, you can manage all forms of communication through the integration of advanced tools such as lap top, e-mail, mobile, fixed-line telephony, etc.
You can, for example, access, listen and respond to an e-mail via the phone, or have access to voice mail through their lap top, using advanced speech recognition technology and text-to-speech. The solution “Future Communication” allows also to improve corporate communication simply making an integration with data and voice networks already existing; there is no need in fact of any replacement of most existing PBX (analogical, digital or VoIP).