Legislative Decree No.196, Article 13 of 30th June 2003

We wish to inform You that the Legislative Decree No.196, Article 13 of 30th   June 2003 (“The Code on the Subject of Personal Data Protection”) provide for   protection of the personal data of the user carried out with complete respect to   the fundamental rights, freedom and dignity of the person concerned, with   particular reference to confidentiality, personal identity and the right to   protection of personal details.

As described in Article 13 of “The Code on the Subject of Personal Data   Protection”, (L.D.no.196/2003) we would like to inform You that:
* Your data will be processed and sent to the unit which You are asking information.
* Your data will be processed only to respond to Your enquiries using the above   form.
* Apart from what has been specified about navigation data, the user   has the option to contribute – or not – personal details asked for in the   request module and/or registration to this website. Not contributing them may   cause the impossibility of obtaining what you require.
* Data are solely   looked after by technical personnel of the processing office responsible (e.g.   Internet Area), or by eventual outsourcers who carry out occasional or periodic   technical operations (e.g. database maintenance).
* The processing owners of   your details is  Mediawest S.r.l. – Largo Folconi, 3/25 – 17100 Savona   (SV)
* This site doesn’t use cookies, we carrie out our user/clients’ data   processing exclusively with the consent of the same.
* Users data will be   stored by Mediawest S.r.l. – Largo Folconi, 3/25 – 17100 Savona (SV), until the   eventual cancellation order by the user, including the data which does not need   to be stored in relation to the aims for which it was collected, in observance   of the rights set out in Art.7 L.D.196/03/1

It is recommended to review this Policy each time a Mediawest website is visited. 
In eEffect from: May 2004
Last modified: June 2011
Section modified: Owner and data treatment Manager
Modifies description: address change

For any requests or additional information regarding this Privacy Policy, please contact Mediawest S.r.l.