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For all translation needs of your web site, Mediawest can offer its network of professional and qualified mother tongue translators for more than 20 languages. The translation of a web site is a particularly delicate and complex operation, which involves different professionalism and needs a deep experience in coordinating the work phases.

As in all translation project, the simple text conversion in the new language it is not enough, but the success of a Web site translated in a language different from the original depends on multiple factors:

  • contents must be adapted to linguistic and culture system of chosen language;
  • communication style must be suitable for technical standards, expectations and requests of the target;
  • scripting components (Javascript, Php, Dhtml, ecc.) must be adapted and harmonized to resulting product;
  • Formatting pages must take into account requirements of search engines and directories always according with the structure’s original graphics.

English, French, German, Spanish, Dutch, Danish, Swedish, Norwegian, Finnish, Eastern European languages (Polish, Hungarian, Czech / Slovak, Russian), some Oriental languages (Japanese, Chinese, Arabic). For special needs and estimates, please contact us using the form below.